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Futuristic Contours

Published September 23, 2021
Futuristic Contours Featured Image

Everyone gets awestruck by cool-looking contour maps present in everyday media. You have probably imagined manipulating such images when watching your favorite sci-fi movie. What if we told you that our application can create futuristic contours out of your scans with just a simple drag and click?

What are Contours Maps?

According to United States Geological Survey, contour maps, otherwise called topo maps, are general-use tools that show elevation and other information. These are mainly utilized for surveying, mapping, as well as identification of locations.

Back then, the generation of contour maps solely relied on tedious field surveys. These efforts took weeks if not months just to accomplish. However, in the advent of the 21st Century where LiDAR Scans are present, it can now be done easily.

Contour creation needs a good processing tool. The problem is that most systems in the market are either too expensive or unit-intensive to use. ScanX, a web-based point cloud processing software, solves all these issues. Thanks to its Rule-based and Machine Learning systems, it increases collaboration, efficiency, and automation.

Not only that, but it is also capable of creating amazing and futuristic contours!

Contour Lines with ScanX

Upload or open a data set using the ScanX application. This can be done by creating a new project or opening an existing one.

Create Futuristic Contours Project
Once a project is available for processing, head to the tools panel on the left and click on the TIN.
Futuristic Contours Tin
This should open up a set of buttons on the left-hand side of the app. From the set of options, select Contour Lines.
Futuristic Contours Buttons
A pop-up should appear which prompts the user to choose which point cloud data to use for the contouring. Click Next, and Contour Interval should appear. To finish selection, click on the Execute button.
After execution, the Processing tab should show up. This will show the progress on the project as well as the percentage of completion.
Futuristic Contours Processing
After processing, the new SHP file will appear in the Vectors section with the suffix ISO.
Futuristic Contours ISO File
The final output with the point cloud should look like this:
Futuristic Contours Final with Classifications
With only the contour lines present, the product is as follows:
Futuristic Contours Without Classification
Here is a closer look. Seems futuristic, doesn’t it? ScanX makes sure that you can achieve amazing sci-fi-looking images with just a few clicks. Try to fiddle around the options such as contour interval for different results!
Futuristic Contours Close-up
Web-Based, High-Accuracy Point Cloud Processing.
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