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ScanX: Empowering Point Clouds in Agriculture

Published November 15, 2021
ScanX Point Clouds in Agriculture

Agriculture is the foundation of any civilization. It provides us with the means to sustain growing populations and bustling regions. As demand for more food supply grows, it is necessary to never stop improving on agricultural processes. One way to address this is using Point Clouds in Agriculture.

Why Use Point Clouds in Agriculture?

Here are some benefits of using point clouds in the agriculture industry.

Site Inspection

Prior to planting crops, a preliminary scan can be made to discover the overall topography in an area. This will greatly help in the planning phase of a farm as critical points are identified. Optimal plots of corn or rice can be easily marked down without the need for tedious field work.

This accounts for a very efficient planning phase. One can even view the whole 3D space in a processing software to get a glimpse of the area. Thus, identifying positions of various farm elements such as mills, and storehouses is possible

ScanX Agriculture Applications

Water Flow Analysis

Irrigation is a major part of any agricultural venture. With LiDAR scans, executing water flow analysis is fast and efficient. This means that optimal water routes will be identified with precision. Not only that, but this also prevents flooding scenarios as one will know critical points in the field. Overall, it yields better crop harvest due to healthy water management and disaster prevention.

ScanX Points Clouds Benefits Agriculture

Growth Height Estimation

With the power of LiDAR scans, final height of crops can be predicted. Most advanced point cloud processors have vegetation segmentation which separates any type of flora apart from other objects. With growth height estimation, crop performance prediction becomes possible, allowing for more room to grow for a farm.

Crop Variations

There is no better way to view crop changes other than aerial scanning a plot of land. With Point Cloud in Agriculture, this becomes more efficient since you get not just 2D but 3D views of the whole landscape. Viewing accurate changes and creating graphs regarding coloration, height, and total occupied area becomes straightforward. Also, this can be done over the spans of months or years for the benefit of the client.

ScanX Point Clouds Agriculture

Data Dissemination

Owners of multiple farms know how hard it is to deliver accurate information from various sites. With point cloud in agriculture, this is made easy as data can be sent to and fro. However, there is a need to employ a good viewer to execute the task. Thus, getting a valuable point cloud processor must be a topmost priority.

ScanX: Perfect Companion for Point Cloud in Agriculture

The perfect point cloud processor should be able to address all the factors stated above. Through a mix of Japanese innovation and Australian Ingenuity, such task is achievable by ScanX.

ScanX Segmenting Agriculture

ScanX is a web-based point cloud viewer and processor that packs a punch. We have partnered with various big names around the industry to provide value and efficient workflows to their processes. Here are some ways that we can help you with your agricultural venture.

Direct Sharing and Collaboration

As a web-based platform aimed towards collaboration, ScanX will greatly improve communications in and out of the site. There will be no need to worry about heavy manual maps to define farm parameters. Data sharing becomes a breeze as it only requires a simple click in our platform.

Moreover, ScanX has various file format compatibility. You can save your scans to major 3D modelling file types for further use. This provides flexibility especially on the planning phase of a farming project.

Automatic Segmentation

A major advantage of using ScanX is automated segmentation. With our platform, you can separate various heights of vegetation apart from other elements in the 3D Space. This is very beneficial especially if you only want to see the crops in the plot of land that you have scanned. With automatic segmentation, prediction of crop behavior is greatly improved.

ScanX Benefits Crop Segmentation

Cost Reduction

Operation costs for most modern point cloud processors can cost up to thousands of dollars. There is a need to purchase heavy personal computers cladded with the latest GPUs and CPUs. However, as a cloud-based software in the web, you only need a laptop and any browser to access our system. Not only that, but ScanX is also priced at an affordable yet competitive rate without compromising service quality. This will allow savings in the long run for you and your company.

Web-Based, High-Accuracy Point Cloud Processing.
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